Tips for Residents

Eclipse Begins Monday, August 21, 2017, at 9:08am
Anticipated Community Impact Days: Thursday, 08/17 – Tuesday, 08/22

Traffic will be heavy and lines for local services such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery and retail stores may be longer than usual; do what you can ahead of time before the anticipated impact days and allow for extra time to get where you need to go.

Things to consider doing in advance to make life a little easier during the heaviest congestion periods:

  • Errands & Appointments: Schedule your errands and appointments early, before Thursday the 17th if possible. Check ahead if you have plans for Monday the 21st; some services may be closed or have limited hours during this time. By scheduling your errands early, you will beat the crowds and give our local stores and businesses time to restock before the eclipse visitors arrive; this includes grocery shopping, doctor/dentist/veterinary appointments, prescriptions, etc.
  • Supplies: Overall, supplies may be limited due to the high demand; which may mean the items you want are not available during the impact days. If there is something important you want, get it early.
  • Gas: If you normally fill up your gas tank Friday – Monday, be sure to do that task early, before Thursday, August 17th.
  • Cash: If you regularly use cash or want some on hand, consider visiting your local bank or ATM before Thursday, August 17th.
  • 911: Know when it is appropriate to call 911 (true emergencies) and have the non‐emergency phone number for our local Dispatch Center, Baker County Dispatch Center, (541)523‐6415 programmed into your phone ahead of time.
  • Cellular Service: With the increased number of visitors, local public safety officials anticipate cellular service may become overwhelmed (primarily Monday the 21st) or have limited access during the impact days. Consider these ideas to assist with communications during this time:  
  1. Develop a communication plan with family and friends if you lose or have limited service. 
  2. If you only have a mobile phone at home find out which of your neighbors have a land‐line number in case you need to call 911 for an emergency. 
  3. Instead of calling try texting to reduce the amount of bandwidth needed. 
  4. Wait until you have Wi‐fi to share any photos or items that will require data
  • Reminder from Public Health: A food preparation license is required if you plan to prepare and sell perishable food items from your home or business to others. Baker County contracts with Malheur County Environmental Health for these permits, please call 541.473.5186.
  • Individual/Family Emergency Plans: Consider the eclipse event a drill to check your emergency kits and emergency plans. If you do not have a kit or have not talked about your emergency plans, now is a great time to do so.
Baker County Mass Notification System: Please sign up on our new mass notification system, AlertSense, to you to receive emergency and community information for Baker County and local cities. Enter the
following link and sign up