Leo Adler Memorial Parkway (LAMP)

The Leo Adler Memorial Parkway provides a walkway primarily along the Powder River from Hughes Lane to south Bridge Street, as well as from Resort Street to Myrtle Street along River Drive adjacent to the river.  

The pathway was constructed in four phases: 

● Phase I was constructed in 2002. This portion of the pathway extends from Hughes Lane to the bridge at Geiser-Pollman Park. It includes three bridges, one at Kirkway & Hughes Park, one at Kirkway & 'H' Park, and one near 'D' Street. It also includes the "sports complex leg", a section of pathway from the sports complex and ties into the main pathway near the Kirkway & 'H' Bridge.

● Phase II of the pathway was constructed around the same time. This phase provides a pathway from Washington Street to Bridge Street.

● Phase III was constructed in 2010 from Madison Street to Washington Street. This phase tied the other two phases together. Two bridges were installed during construction of this phase. Both are located between Madison Street and Broadway Avenue. This phase also included the 'A' Line – a section of pathway that extends west from the main pathway into Central Park.

● Most recently, Phase IV was constructed in 2015. This phase added 1150 lineal feet of paved pathway surface as well as trailhead and parking area.

These four phases together encompass approximately 2.35 linear miles of asphalt. 

A walk along the pathway provides opportunity to view the river, natural landscapes, birds, and wildlife. There are several benches, a fitness station, and picnic facilities available for a short break, lunch time relaxation, stress relieving exercise, or a peaceful afternoon.