Housing Production Strategy


Have you or someone you know been impacted by housing availability and affordability in Baker City?

Housing has been difficult to find in this community for many people. Baker City is working on a Housing Production Strategy that will shape the City’s housing policy, and we need your thoughts!

How can I help?  

  1. Take our 10 minute survey
  2. Attend the Open Houses to talk with Planning Staff about potential strategies.  
  3. Sign up to receive updates about this project and future projects. Email the Planning Department at planning@bakercountyor.gov to add your name to our list. 
Baker Housing Wordle

Q: What is a Housing Production Strategy (HPS)? 

A: The Housing Production Strategy is a list of specific tools, actions, and policies the City plans to take to address the housing the City needs, complete with timelines for adopting and implementing each strategy. The Housing Production Strategy follows the Housing Needs Analysis completed last year, which identified the housing Baker City is projected to need now, and up to 20 years in the future. 

Q: How will this help with housing? 

A: As the City gains a better understanding of what barriers may be preventing or slowing down building the housing our community needs, the City can act to address those barriers. It is important the City hear from a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and experiences to fully understand the challenges. 

Q: Will Baker City grow because of this? 

A. No. The Housing Needs Analysis looked at the current population and the projected population of the City in 20 years, and identified housing needs based on that information. This project is for housing to meet the community’s current and near future needs, not to spark growth in the City.