Baker City Development Code Update

The Baker City Development Code (BCDC) was amended in 2015.  During the adoption process, a court decision was released identifying principles that needed to be incorporated into the sign chapter.  City Council adopted all of the proposed changes in 2015 except for the sign chapter, and in 2016, the Planning Commission began work to revise the sign chapter.  During the Planning Commission's work sessions, other revisions were identified.  Some of these revisions are more complex and may have an impact on landowners.  Other revisions are needed, including inconsistencies and reference corrections, clarifications, clearer organization, and other minor corrections.  These types of housekeeping revisions are straightforward and do not materially alter the Code.

Making changes to land use regulations is a Legislative (Type IV) procedure, which is considered initially by the Planning Commission with final decisions made by City Council.  A list of revisions was developed during Planning Commission work sessions held in 2016 on January 20th, February 17th, March 16th, April 20th, May 18th, June 15th, August 17th, November 9th and December 14th.  These changes include the following:

Planning Code Update


  • Get Input from the Public
  • Public Open House on January 25th, 2017
  • Planning Commission Hearing on February 1st, 2017
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