Animal Control

Code Enforcement Officer Amanda Baker oversees the Animal Control matters within the city limits of Baker City. Animal Control works in a variety of ways dealing with animals, to include:
• Picking up stray dogs at large
• Picking up domestic injured animals with unknown owners
• Responding to barking dogs or other noise issues associated with animals.
"No-Bark Collars, designed to help train your dog not to bark, are available at the Police Department for a rental fee of $7 per week."
• Assisting in animal abuse/neglect cases
• Issuance of kennel permits
• Issuance of dog licenses at the City Hall, please contact (541) 524-2039
• Issuance of livestock permits (Click here for map of areas prohibited to animals . For additional information, please reference to Baker City Municipal Code - Chapter 90.25)
• Issuance of exotic animal permits
• Any other issue regarding animals
• Dog bite prevention awareness 
 Please view this brochure to help you manage and solve issues regarding animals. 
Learn more about our City Ordinance about animals - Chapter 90 within Municipal Code.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Animal Control, please contact Baker County Dispatch at (541) 523-6415 / Option 0.

A dispatcher will contact an officer to address your question or concern. Thank you.