Fire Department

The mission of the Baker City Fire Department is to protect our community through quality preparation and excellent service.
The Baker City Fire Department (BCFD) provides both fire and emergency medical services to our citizens. BCFD personnel also provide emergency medical services to citizens outside the Baker City limits along with mutual aid fire protection to neighboring departments. The Baker City Fire Department covers approximately 7 square miles and 10,000 citizens for fire protection and approximately 1600 square miles containing 14,500 citizens for paramedic services. BCFD averages approximately 1,500 fire and medical calls annually.

There are currently 12 career and 14 part-time employees. All career employees are either Oregon certified EMT-Intermediates or EMT-Paramedics and several part-time employees are Oregon certified EMT-Basics or Intermediates. All employees have high levels of training in fire suppression. We have one station staffed 24 hours/day with career personnel backed up by part-time staff. We operate two front-line Type 1 pumpers, one Type 1 aerial (quint), one brush/command vehicle and three ALS ambulances.

The Baker City Fire Department is the only fire department in Baker County that provides Paramedic ambulance services. This added responsibility requires our firefighters to be highly skilled in emergency services along with fire suppression techniques. The fire department is very public service oriented and takes pride in working safely while producing high quality results. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to access the non-emergency services we provide, feel free to call us at 541-523-3711.
Fire Dept
Emergency Services
Emergency services are most familiar to the public. The same emergency employees that respond to your home or business in an emergency also offer a variety of public programs and services when not engaged with emergencies. Some of our programs include:
  • FireMed Membership Program. FireMed is a community program offered by the Baker City Fire Department to provide high-quality emergency ambulance service that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Your membership fees help pay for the training and equipment needed to assure fast, expert paramedic response to every medical emergency. For Life Flight information please click here.
  • Group Facility Tours. Do you or your children have an interest in what firefighters do or how our equipment works? We offer group tours at the fire station regularly and may even show an individual around, time permitting. Call the station and inquire.
  • Blood Pressure Checks. You may have your blood pressure checked by the on-duty crew at the fire station nearly any time. Just stop by the station and ask the crew when they are in-quarters. Don't be surprised if they ask how you're feeling! They'll want to know if it's a routine blood pressure check, or if you are feeling some discomfort that caused you to stop in.
  • Public Education. The fire department offers a variety of fire safety classes and/or presentations to local businesses, schools and community groups.
  • Smoke Detectors. The fire department will offer assistance with placement or testing of smoke detectors in the home, please call the fire department at 541-523-3711. For more information please view the Smoke Detectors (PDF).
  • Fire inspections and pre-fire planning. The fire department performs pre-fire planning of local occupancies and inspects local businesses and public buildings for fire hazards. Fire hazards may be reported to the fire department by calling 541-523-3711.