The Administrative department provides support for the Mayor and City Council, City Manager, all City departments, and ultimately for the general public. Staff is often the first point of contact regarding City issues and is happy to assist customers in obtaining information and scheduling

The City Manager is responsible for administration of the City including implementation of City Council policies and goals, enforcement of ordinances, supervision over program directors and employees, preparation of the budget and general manager of the City's operations. The City Manager also coordinates efforts of each department to fulfill City Council goals and develops and maintains an effective management team to carry out the performance areas of the City and policies set by the governing body.

This department also includes the Community Developer/Executive Assistant/IT Liaison and the City Recorder/Human Resources Manager, who schedules items for the City Council meeting agendas, acts as the City's Elections Officer,  provides the appropriate recording, retention and maintenance of official records of the City, maintains personnel files, and advises the City on matters of employment and labor procedures and policies.