Boards & Commissions

Current Vacancies:

- Planning Commission (1)
- Public Works Advisory Committee (2)
- Tree Board (3)
- Parks and Recreation Board (3)
- Golf Board (1)
- Airport Commission (2)
- Public Arts Commission (2)
- Sam O Swim Committee (2)

Boards and Commissions are created in order to ensure the participation of the community in specific areas of concerns. Board and Commission are represented by City Council, staff, and non-paid volunteers who are appointed by the City Council.

The City encourages interested citizens to participate, giving their opinions, acting as a liaison between the City and the community, and influencing the decisions on important matters.



  1. Airport Commission

    The Airport Commission was created to advise the City Manager regarding the management, care, and control of the Municipal Airport (Heilner Field).

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  2. Budget Board

    The Budget Board works with the City Council to review and set the budget for the City.

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  3. Golf Board

    The Golf Board was created to promote the Quail Ridge Golf Course owned by the City, which is considered one of the most important assets of our community.

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  4. Historic District Design Review Commission

    The Historic District Design Review Commission was created to promote the community participation in reviewing and approving applications submitted by the property owners wanting to alter structures within the Historic District. This Commission consists of seven members, three-year terms.

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  5. Parks & Recreation Board

    The Baker City Parks and Recreation Advisory Board exists to promote and preserve parks and open spaces which are safe, provide beauty, enhance recreational experiences and are accessible to all members of the community.

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  6. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission was created to manage issues related to land use in our town. The Commission consists of seven members with four-year terms.

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  7. Public Arts Commission

    The Public Arts Commision is a new volunteer advisory group which became effective April 10, 2014.

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  8. Public Works Advisory Committee

    The Public Works Advisory Committee was established to promote the community participation in advising the City Council regarding matters in the public works area, including, but not limited to, street construction and maintenance, and water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer line construction and maintenance.

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  9. Sam-O-Swim Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to act as strong advocates for the Sam-0 Swim Center, and work with in concert with the City Council as well as the city staff to ensure the Sam-0 Swim Center remains a viable asset to the community of Baker City and Baker County.

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  10. Tree Board

    It is the duty of the tree board to study, review, evaluate and make recommendations regarding the urban forestry program. The urban forest consists of vegetation within public parks and land as well as within the public right-of-way area.

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